Maars Jansen Living Walls

Mission Vision Values

Corporate governance

  • The activities of Maars Jansen are directly or indirectly related to the building sector.
  • Openness, honesty, trust, respect and a professional approach are the fundamentals of the relationships between the stakeholders.
  • Our organization must anticipate with flexibility, be able to produce ideas and solutions to stay ahead of the competition.
  • As a group, we are constantly in search of improvement and innovation. By daring to modify existing structures and by seeing change as an opportunity, we can continue to improve.
  • Ethical business involves truthfulness, integrity and an impartial attitude. This approach is endorsed and complied with by the entire organization and each individual working for Maars Jansen.
Our ambition en vision
  • Economic 
    We want to be the most effective, progressive and professional organization with a high added value and strong image. 
    We want to be the reference and the main pioneer with an innovative approach in the building sector.
  • Social 
    We want to be the best employer with the best people.
Our values
  • Reliability
  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Correctness
  • Respect
  • Fun