Maars Jansen Living Walls


The well-being of people in any space is central to Maars. This includes public space. Maars therefore always looks for responsible and sustainable solutions. New production techniques are not be avoided, but rather sought and examined. Reduce, reuse and recycle are deeply rooted in the philosophy of the company.

Maars Jansen knows it always can and should do better. So there is tremendous progress in reducing packaging, using environmentally friendly coatings, CO2 compensation and 5S ‘lean manufacturing’. Maars can also contribute positively to higher BREEAM and LEED ratings.

Maars has set up an integrated management system to implement its own quality, environmental, and health and safety policy, under which all critical processes in the areas of quality, environment and safety are guaranteed. This approach has already enjoyed wide recognition and Maars is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSC certified. By closely examining the entire manufacturing process, production has become more efficient and energy consumption has been reduced. A noteworthy detail is that for example, the processing water is purified in-house.

Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C)

From cradle tot cradle, from one start tot the other beginning. Maars has succeeded to create C2C-certified wall systems. This certification indicatest that Maars products are safe for humans, animals and enviroment, have a sustainable composition and it indicatest that our products can be fully recycled. The certification is based on 5 quality categories:

1. Material health

2. Material recycling

3. Renawble energy & carbon management

4. Water stewardship

5. Social fairness

By cooperating closely with suppliers and customer, Maars will make their products even more sustainable.

We prove every day, in small and large things, that Maars Jansen is an environmentally conscious organization.

  • We ensure to work as much as possible with recycled paper and reduce the number of prints to a minimum.
  • We promote commercial, utility and heavy-duty vehicles with low CO2 emissions to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. This was considered one of the most important criteria while renewing the fleet.
  • Meticulous sorting of waste.
  • We donate reusable materials to recycling organisations such as Creasi. E.g., our old yard cloths get a second life as laptop bags, makeup bags, lampshades,...
  • Within our company, we have a culture of carpooling when moving between the different sites of the Group.