Maars Jansen Living Walls

Hip residential village rises at the canal

The "oHase 'project will be a hip and green residential village along the Albert Canal in Hasselt. The intention is that the owners of the 78 houses and flats will be able to enjoy the tranquility of a village, at a stone's throw from the city centre.

The name 'oHase' is not chosen at random for the new residential project in the Canada Street and the Handelskaai between the Albert Canal and Genkersteenweg. "Hasel" is the old name for Hasselt and with the 78 new homes, Building Group Jansen wants to create an oasis of tranquillity within biking distance of the city centre.

A hip neighbourhood

Rather than a fashionable seaside resort near Hasselt, this will be a hip residential village like they are found nowadays in cities like Stockholm, Copenhagen and Berlin. "This is definitely not for the happy few", say Nadia and Steven Jansen of Building Group Jansen. "We have opted for a strong green accent with cosy backyards and a large park. All is connected by cycling and walking paths. Cars can remain on the parking areas. ‘oHase’ has all the advantages of a village, but without the disadvantages. You can live peacefully at a safe distance from the busy Genkersteenweg, all residents can meet on the central square and the city centre can be reached in just a few minutes. All services are within easy reach.  

The project chooses three different housing types. Right on the canal, there are eight houses on the waterfront. In the heart of the project, there will be 45 park apartments with different dimensions. In each of the five apartment blocks, there will be one penthouse and finally twelve park homes on the site. The plan foresees also a nursery able to welcome about forty children.