Maars Jansen Living Walls

Jansen is going to sell floors and ceilings to Americans - Made in Limburg

Building Group Jansen in Meeuwen-Gruitrode (and Zonhoven ...) wants to conquer the North American market. CEO Nadia Jansen currently remains in Chicago to seek buyers for the climate ceiling islands developed by Jansen. She is accompanied in the US by Sylvie Verhoeven, the COO of Jansen Products, the company which manufactures raised access floors. These products will also be presented to the Americans. Although, Jansen Products has plenty of export experience, as it is currently active in 45 countries.

“It's time to set foot on the other side of the ocean”, says Sylvie Verhoeven. Nadia Jansen adds: "We need to discover if the US market is ready for an ecological and innovative product as our climate ceiling islands. We are confident that we will impress them thanks to the combination of lighting, climate control, ventilation, sound and even fragrance that we have integrated into one aesthetically product”, concludes Nadia Jansen.