Maars Jansen Living Walls

Maars lalinea

Welcome to the next level

With the introduction of lalinea, Maars sets a new standard. Never before has a modular wall been so refinedly designed and yet been so prominent. With a minimalist design as a starting point, lalinea is developed in cooperation with the worlds best architects. New technologies have been developed in order to achieve this revolutionary design. Two essential elements of lalinea are patented. The profiles of the wall are now so slim that they are virtually invisible. Also, the wall has no vertical profiles. lalinea makes every room unbelievably aesthetic, open and transparent.

A revolution in every way

lalinea is a 100 mm thick, double glazed wall. The glass is attached to the horizontal crosscut ends only, creating a continuous glass surface with subtle joints. Other elements of the system are also further minimized. The door module has an entirely new, revolutionary design, which means the horizontal profiles follow the lines of the wall, while the vertical profiles are covered by the wall’s glass. This means the door is flush with the wall. The hinges are now completely invisible, as they are incorporated into the top and bottom profiles. And thanks to a narrow lock, the doorpost has very small dimensions. As such, every detail contributes to an incredibly minimalistic design.

lalinea Technical Specifications:

  • Very slim lines in top and bottom profiles.
  • Continuous top and bottom profiles, also in the doors.
  • Doorframe profiles are fitted between both panes, so even the doorframes are covered with glass (flush).
  • No visible hinges.
  • Seamless connection to closed walls with metal, wooden and/or upholstered panels.
  • Available in ageless anodised aluminium or powder-coated in any preferred colour.
  • Sound insulation value up to 48 dB possible.
  • Stability complies with EN 1991-1-1 in accordance with TÜV.

Reports are available on request.