Maars Jansen Living Walls

Maars Styleline

Styleline is probably the most used wall system in Europe. Why? Simply because no other wall system can be modified to meet your needs and wishes so easily. The Styleline range offers maximum versatility and flexibility, regardless of the budget or the building situation.

It is economical, functional and uncomplicated and also deliverable in standard modules for easy, practical office spaces in industrial and other environments. 

The almost limitless possibilities for wall divisions, module widths, colours, glass, door and cabinet elements and insulating properties, the Styleline variant is a universal system for designing the most diverse projects. Versatility to the max! 

This is undoubtedly the top product of the Styleline range. Sober, flat walls with refined detailing. Just like the rest of the Styleline range, the finesse walls are easy to move and re-use. 

Technical information