Maars Jansen Living Walls

AZ Sint-Maarten, Mechelen

After several years of hard work, Jansen Group officially opened the high-tech hospital AZ Sint-Maarten yesterday. The Limburg construction company was responsible for the entire interior finishing of this new hospital. This hospital has been designed to support the healing process. And two things stand out about this building. This is the first time that someone has used the much-discussed BIM working method on a scale of this kind… and that new mothers can change the colour of their ceiling themselves.

AZ Sint-Maarten has now concentrated all its healthcare facilities – previously spread over a number of campuses – in one location. The building is 105,000 m2, has 654 beds and accommodates 1,700 staff. “We turned the empty building shell into a functional, ultramodern hospital”, says Nadia Jansen (CEO JG). “A building that is warm and cosy and where care for people is central.